Who We Are

Dedicated to the Environment

Our President and Founder, John A. Bartone, Sr. is the inspiration and motivation for all we do.

Mr. Bartone conceptualized, designed and patented the Organic Processing System's Solar Energy Composting Cylinder System (SECCS); his second prototype to his original machine. The SECCS offers environmental and economic alternatives on a local, national and global scale through its organic diversion initiative.

Our Expertise

Our History

Established in 1977 in Erie, PA long before the "green" industry was conceptualized. OPS began with a question asked by our Founder and President: "What if we were to stop thinking of our waste streams as inconvenient and instead looked at them as resources?"

A Call to Action

Mr Bartone's concerns for the environment arose from his awareness of the high-rate of topsoil erosion, the subsequent nutrient depletion of the soil, the growing health issues resulting from the use of chemical fertilizers, our growing agricultural needs, our shrinking landfill space and our impending recycling needs. It was a perfect storm of problems which motivated Mr. Bartone to design and build his prototype composting machine which has been redesigned into the solar energy composting cylinder.

Established Credibility

In 1982, a pilot program was established in Erie, PA where Mr. Bartone developed customized blends of materials that were transformed into a rich organic soil amendment. These blended materials were utilized on a local farm in North East, PA and monitored / tested closely by a chemical engineering firm and the PA DEP. The documented success of the pilot program established Mr. Bartone as an authority in the field of composting. His efforts were subsequently published in “The Pennsylvania Academy of Science Journal: Solid and Liquid Wastes: Management, Methods and Socioeconomic Considerations” Copyright 1984.

Our Team

working to solve today's environmental and economic issues

Our Vision and Goals

moving people and communities forward through

  • Job Creation
  • Improved Soil Quality for Agriculture Needs
  • Revenue Generation through Product Sales
  • Environmental Partnerships
  • Eco-Innovation Fund

Moving Forward

aligning our goals for the greater-good of our planet and all people
  • Project Target Goal

    2017 is the year we intend to have numerous pilot projects established so we can move people and the environment forward towards an economically and environmentally sustainable future.

  • The Clinton Foundation

    The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation convenes businesses, governments, NGOs, and individuals to improve global health and wellness, increase opportunity 

  • Visionary Thinking

    OPS is unwavering in their commitment to make important changes in our environment through composting. Despite the lack of vision on the part of local organizations, OPS continued to push forward with

  • Success = Credibility

    The testing of the organic soil amendment produced by Mr. Bartone’s initial composting machine yielded tremendous documented success that established Mr. Bartone as an authority in the field of orga

  • OPS Established

    Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, Organic Processing Systems, LLC (OPS) was established in 1977 long before the “Green Industry” was a twinkle in anyone’s eye when our visionary President and Founder