Organic Diversion

The Hope of the Future:

Organic Diversion is the solution that will help us reach the Zero Waste goals of the future.

Many municipalities are already diverting their organic waste stream from landfills through innovative environmental technologies, such as creating energy from bio gas derived from waste. The one, often over-looked solution to diverting organic wastes from our landfills is composting, but people often shy away from this process, because they feel it isn't sanitary. Our In-vessel Solar Energy Composting Cylinder System (SECCS) resolves all issues with odor and other risk factors by holding and processing the waste inside a controlled environment, until rich compost is produced.

Solar Energy Composting Cylinder System (SECCS)


At the heart of our in-vessel composting system is our Solar Energy Composting Cylinder System. It can be operated by solar energy and the process is also enhanced by solar panels that divert heat to the stainless steel cylinder for processing needs.

Why In-vessel Systems Work

The processing environment is controlled: Temperature, both cold and heat are adjusted throughout the composting process, ensuring that the recommended temperature for anaerobic digestion is reached and maintained to produce healthy compost.

Composting 24 - 7 - 365

Having a contained and controlled environment allows composting that can be done effectively all year long, despite inclement weather. This is a major benefit, opposed to wind-row composting, that can only be effectively done seasonably.

Composting Plants + Co-ops

Composting facilities can be established by individuals, farmers, municipalities, schools, or by individuals leading to economic development through Co-ops or through private business development. The situation becomes a win-win for all.