Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, Organic Processing Systems, LLC (OPS) was established in 1977 long before the “Green Industry” was a twinkle in anyone’s eye when our visionary President and Founder, John A. Bartone, Sr. recognized the critical need to change the way we approached managing our organic and inorganic waste streams so we could protect the future of our environment and planet.

The idea for OPS began with a question that Mr. Bartone asked himself: “What if we were to reverse our attitudes about the wastes we were producing as being inconvenient and something that needed to be discarded, and instead we looked at these wastes as raw materials and resources?”

Mr. Bartone’s forward thinking and questioning came at a time when the environmental and agricultural needs of our planet were just beginning to be noticed and discussed; our first Earth Day had recently been established (April 22, 1970). His were sound observations and innovative ideas from a man with sincere concerns for our planet. His observations and ideas were light years ahead of its time, and some thirty years too soon, but that never stopped his forging forward for the greater good.