The testing of the organic soil amendment produced by Mr. Bartone’s initial composting machine yielded tremendous documented success that established Mr. Bartone as an authority in the field of organic composting. The enthusiasm over the positive results from these tests continues to be generated today, along with continual requests and expressed need for additional soil amendment by the local farmers who are aware of the positive testing outcome of the initial OPS composting project and have the need and desire to utilize it on their land immediately.

As a result of the success of the soil amendment and agricultural test results produced by Mr. Bartone’s composting machine and process, Mr. Bartone was asked to contribute to and was subsequently published in “The Pennsylvania Academy of Science Journal: Solid and Liquid Wastes: Management, Methods and Socioeconomic Considerations” Copyright 1984 and received requests for the final composted soil amendment from as far away as Saudi Arabia and Spain.

For the past fortyyears, Mr. Bartone has held fast to his innovative vision for solutions to our environmental needs all the while refining his original machine design and his remarkable composting process into what today is the SECCS and its concurrent accelerated composting program. And at 91 years young, he continues to be a leader and a partner in finding solutions to the agricultural and environmental needs of our planet.

Mr. Bartone’s machine, composting formulas and innovative program has tremendous potential to create positive environmental, agricultural and economic impact on all of our communities, be they local, national or global and we enthusiastically encourage everyone to continue to look differently at and “see the potential” in all the wastes we produce. Now is the time; reduce, reuse, recycle and compost – EVERYTHING.